Ugh!   Hurricane Ian

Ugh! Hurricane Ian

Yesterday, Sept 28th, 2022, we went thru Hurricane Ian that slammed west and central Florida. We live in an area of Tampa just steps to Old Tampa Bay.

Tampa Bay drained by Ian

It was amazing and sad watching the water get sucked out by Ian. Sadly, the water must have made it to Lee County were many people lost their lives to this storm.

We were more than fortunate that we did not lose power during the storm. Ft Myers, Naples, and surrounding towns were flooded. A number of counties were 100% no electricity.

That must have been awful, water coming in the house, no lights and 100mph winds outside. So many lost homes and lives in this storm. 

Ft Myers downtown after Ian


Florida will be back to the vacation capital in a short time but as of today I want to help out. Be thankful everyone


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